Through my long and arduous journey of navigating frustrating mental health systems and trying to figure out what's been up with me and seeing my share of professionals, suspecting for quite a few years that I had ADHD, finding April has been the ground I've needed.  She helped me through many processes, validated me and my struggles, and guided me to solutions that work best for me. 

Thanks to April, I finally got a proper diagnosis, and she has helped me find ways to strategize and find coping mechanisms around the blocks I've been having for so long.  I feel like I finally have some traction in my productivity which, in turn, has been boosting my self-confidence, self-esteem, all my selves! I truly believe in coaching as an effective tool to deal with ADHD struggles as it deals with the many facets of life, not just one area, including relationships, building structure and routine, or whatever is really boggling the brain.  April is easy to talk to, she hears and listens to me and sees me and helps me see myself.  I highly recommend!

~Erin P.