Through my long and arduous journey of navigating frustrating mental health systems and trying to figure out what's been up with me and seeing my share of professionals, suspecting for quite a few years that I had ADHD, finding April has been the ground I've needed.  She helped me through many processes, validated me and my struggles, and guided me to solutions that work best for me. 

Thanks to April, I finally got a proper diagnosis, and she has helped me find ways to strategize and find coping mechanisms around the blocks I've been having for so long.  I feel like I finally have some traction in my productivity which, in turn, has been boosting my self-confidence, self-esteem, all my selves! I truly believe in coaching as an effective tool to deal with ADHD struggles as it deals with the many facets of life, not just one area, including relationships, building structure and routine, or whatever is really boggling the brain.  April is easy to talk to, she hears and listens to me and sees me and helps me see myself.  I highly recommend!

~Erin P. 

April is just truly amazing. As I was going through a difficult stage of my life, April appeared in it to help me through the transitions that I was suffering through. Each week, for a little over a year, she listened and gave me unparalleled support. With her, I had deep discussions that allowed me to see life differently, without judgment and without pressure.

Suffering from generalized anxiety, I could have days with more than 3-4 attacks per day. Always calm, always listening, she supported me by giving me strategies to learn to calm down, to accept without judgment who I was and what I was going through, to stop living for others and to give myself permission to be who I really am. She really gave me the necessary support to get through this journey.

I still work with April. Thanks to her, I have made tremendous progress in my mental health in the past year. I still have work to do, but I know I am very well supported on this journey. I am looking forward to working with her on other dimensions of my life that could help me be happier. I know she is the one that can help me with this and other goals. April, thanks for being in my life.

Thanks for everything. 

April est tout simplement extraordinaire. 

Comme je traversais une étape difficile de ma vie, April est apparue dans celle-ci pour m’accompagner dans ces années de transitions que je traversais avec beaucoup de souffrances. 

Chaque semaine, durant un peu plus d’un an, elle a été d’une écoute et d’un support sans égal. Avec elle, j’ai eu des discussions profondes qui m’ont permis de voir la vie autrement, sans jugement et sans pression. 

Souffrant d’anxiété généralisée, je pouvais avoir des journées avec plus de 3-4 crises par jour. Toujours calme, toujours à l’écoute, elle m’a accompagnée dans ces journées en me donnant des stratégies pour apprendre à me calmer, accepter sans jugement qui je suis et ce que je traversais, d’arrêter de vivre pour les autres et de me donner la permission d’être qui je suis réellement. 

Je continue toujours à travailler avec April. Grâce à elle, j’ai fait des progrès énormes au niveau de ma santé mentale dans la dernière année. Il reste du travail à faire, mais je sais que je suis bien accompagnée. Je suis très excitée d’éventuellement continuer à travailler avec elle d’autres dimensions de ma vie qui pourraient me rendre encore plus heureuse. Je sais que c’est la personne qui peut m’accompagner dans ça. 

April, merci de faire partie de ma vie.

Merci pour tout. 

Emilie R.